Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss: What's The Difference?

When it comes to our body, many of us place emphasis on the number that appears when we step on the scales. Yet, this number doesn’t give us the whole picture. 

The truth is weight gain or loss can be the result of several factors, including muscle and water, as opposed to just fat. We might be losing or retaining a significant amount of water, which will influence our weight on the scales, while some of us may be gaining or dropping muscle mass, depending on our cardio and strength exercise regime and diet.

Muscle is also much more dense than body fat and research shows that losing weight in the form of muscle mass can reduce the amount of kilojoules you burn while at rest, which makes it easier for you regain any weight you lost from fat stores.

So when we say that we want to lose weight, most of us actually mean fat, and while the numbers on the scale may be decreasing, we might be moving further away from our goals. This is why it’s important to understand our body composition and key metrics when we set our fitness and body goals, and track our progress.

What is Body Composition?

Body composition refers to the percentage of fat, bone, and muscle in your body. 

Research has found that body composition measurements are important in determining the systemic nutritional status and health status of an individual.

At Elite Body Contouring we understand that every one of our clients is unique and has different body goals. Whether you’re looking to lose stubborn fat, build lean-muscle, or overhaul your body and achieve a healthier shape, we encourage you to get a full body composition analysis with the InBody 770 Body Scan – both at the beginning – and throughout your journey to help you reach your body goal. 

This way you have an accurate baseline and starting-point guide. It also makes it simple and quick for us to track and measure changes in your body.

How We Measure Changes in Your Body.

Trusted by many of the world’s top hospitals and sports science professionals, the InBody770 is the world’s most advanced body composition technology and goes far beyond your weight. In fact, it breaks your body down into the four main components which contribute to your total body weight: fat, bone, muscle and water.

The InBody 770 can help you learn about your body fat percentage and skeletal muscle mass, protein and mineral levels, base metabolic rate, bone mineral content, visceral fat and subcutaneous fat (stubborn fat). It provides a comprehensive and accurate view (it’s proven to be 98 per cent correct) of your body composition, providing you with a deeper insight and easy-to-understand data. Better yet, the scan is non-invasive and only takes around 60 seconds to complete!

In today’s world, many of us have been forced to adjust our fitness and diet regimes to fit in with restrictions and changes in our schedules - this has also meant that our body and fitness levels may have changed dramatically. 

The InBody 770 gives us accurate and meaningful data to help you understand how your diet and exercise regime are influencing your body composition. This gives you the opportunity to amend and create a more focused plan so you are successful in reaching and maintaining your body goals.

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